Having a dog is a big commitment

Every puppy looks cute when they are young and little. Especially when you see them playing or sleeping in the pet shop window, so tempted to take them home, its irresistible. Before you take them home, have you ever thought about the commitment? Ask yourself, do you like dogs or do you only like the cute puppy face?

Things to consider before you get a puppy:

1. Time: you need to spend at least 1 – 1.5 hours taking your dog out to exercise and socialise with other dogs. Some dogs may need more exercise depending on the breed. You also need to spend time training your puppy.

2. Money: prepare for the ongoing costs such as vet checks, grooming if long coated dogs, food, worming and fleas control. Be prepare for the boarding or pet minder costs if you are going away.

3. Cleaning after your dog. Whether it is at home or in public, you still need to pick up your dog’s poo.

4. Family: your dog is part of your family. Do all your family members like dogs? You cannot have a family member who dislikes your dog.

5. Patience: be patient when training your dog. Not all dogs are perfect. Some may be more difficult to train, while some can be destructive or noisy. Are you prepared to put up with it? Many dog owners give away their dogs or send their dogs to the pounds because of the their misbehaviour. Like children, puppies need to learn too. They need our patience, attention and love.

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