Importance of regular dog grooming

Dog grooming is not a luxury for our dogs. In fact, it is a necessity for them. Dog grooming is not just about giving them fancy haircuts and making them look great. It is also about making them feel more comfortable and keeping them clean. No body wants to cuddle a smelly dog. By brushing them at home more often or bringing them to grooming parlours, it helps you to find out health issues, such as skin problems, cuts on the skin, infections or lumps on the body, fleas or ticks.

Can you imagine if you have long hair, and you have tangles and mats all over? And imagine you have not wash your hair for 6 months. Surely you will feel awful and uncomfortable. That is exactly how your dog would feel if he/she has mats and knots all over the body, and have not been washed for months.

Finally when you have decided to spend some time to brush your dog, its too late, because the coat is way too matted. Then you take the dog to grooming and hope the groomers can groom out all the knots and mats. Remember, groomers are not magicians. If the coat is too matted, there is not way that the groomers can groom out the knots without hurting your dog. Imagine if you hairstylist keeps pulling knots out from your hair. Its painful, your dog can feel the pain too. With this kind of situation, the best thing for your dog is to clip off the coat completely and start all over again. Don’t blame your groomer for doing this, because you have left the groomer with no choice but to clip everything off.

If you have decided to get a long coated dog, be prepared to spend money and time on grooming. You have take your dog to grooming regularly and brush your dog everyday, it is part of the package.

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