My dog sheds non stop!

One of the biggest frustrations for pet owners is shedding. Nearly every dog or cat will moult, regardless of their breed, long or short coat or age. Some breeds may have more hair or thicker undercoats, hence will shed more than the others. Shedding is something that pet owners and the animals cannot control. Some owners may think that the pet sheds because he/she did it on purpose. Therefore pet owners will get an animal trainer or behaviourist to train the animal not to shed. Some owners may even give their animals away because of shedding. It is unfair for the animal, it is not their fault that they shed.

Whether it is a dog or cat, they shed to get rid of old, damaged or extra hair. They grow a thicker and heavy coat in winter times to keep warm. In summer times, they shed the extra hair to keep them cool. However, some animals may also shed because of skin irritations or allergies.

Although we cannot stop our pets from shedding, but we can help to reduce shedding at home and furniture.

What we can do:

1. Brush your dog everyday. Brush the undercoat or loose hair out helps to reduce the amount of shedding. Use slicker brush for long coated dogs, furminator for short coated dogs. Be aware, when using furminator, please keep an eye on your pet’s skin. Do not brush too hard. As soon as the skin turns pink, stop brushing.

2. Cover your furniture. If your pet travels in the car a lot, consider to invest a car seat cover.

3. Food often reflects of what they eat. Feed your pet high quality food.

4. Make sure you give your pet flea treatment. Fleas can cause skin allergy.

5. Give your dog a regular bath. Once or twice a month.

6. Regular vet checks. Many diseases can cause skin problems. Regular vet checks help to identify health problems early and hence provide effective medication or treatment.

Remember, please do not give up your pet because of shedding. It’s not their fault, your pet does not deserve this kind of punishment.


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