Trust, Respect, Pack Leader

Nowadays, many people try to win their new puppy’s love by letting the puppy always have its way. Most puppies are showered with affection and attention because they are so cute and cuddly. Buckets of affection is a wonderful thing for most puppies. But is affection the only thing that the dog/puppy needs? Is it healthy for the puppy to grow up with affection only?



Pack Leader

Dogs are pack animals, every pack needs a leader. A successful pack leader cannot project emotions and/or nervous energy. They do not use anger to gain leadership and respect. What your puppy needs is a calm, confident and assertive leader and a clear social hierarchy. The pack leader uses calm and assertive energy to influence how the dog interacts in the pack within his surroundings. If your dog feels that you cannot take up the pack leader role, then he/she will take over your leader position.

Waiting is a way that dogs show respect to their pack leader. Mother of the puppies started training the puppies from birth. She makes them wait to be fed, when to play and how far they travel. She gives them limitations, boundaries and rules. By taking your dog out for walks before meal times helps to develop your leadership and makes the dog to work for their food.




Trust is extremely important in the pack. A dog cannot lose its trust in the pack leader. Lots of dog owners use anger and physical violence to gain respect from the dog. Dogs and other animals do not learn, gain trust and respect from our emotions. Screaming and hitting the dog will not help the dog to learn. Instead, the dog can only see you as an unstable leader who is not trustworthy at all. Eventually, your dog will become fearful, timid, unpredictable and loses its trust in humans and developed fear aggression.




Affection can only be given at the right time. If you give affection when your dog’s whining, your dog will never learn self control and self discipline. Your dog will never learn to respect you. If your puppy does not respect you, it will have no reason to do anything for you. Consequently you will end up having a dog that has no limitation, boundaries and rules. This dog will become disobedient and totally out of control. Most of these dogs end up living a life of isolation in the back yard because they became too wild to be handled. Eventually they end up at the shelter because either the owner can’t live with the dog anymore, or a member of the public has filed a complaint against the dog and government officials have taken the dog away from the owner.

On the other hand, when a dog that has been mistreated with violence, he/she will eventually bite the owner. They live in fear and are stressful at all times. They will obey the owner’s commands out of fear rather than respect. The mother of the litter never uses anger or violence to train her puppies. She uses a quiet, calm and assertive energy to set rules and respect. Respect cannot be forced. A dog will not respect someone who he/she cannot trust.






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