Dog Grooming Tips For A Hot Aussie Climate

Hello Sydney Dog Owners!

With spring in the air and summer in Australia fast approaching, the sun is shining and hot sunny days are forecast for the coming months. Even late August brought some sparkling sun, with temperatures in the mid twenties around Sydney. A great time to hit the Eastern suburbs beaches with your furry companions!

As dog owners, we can easily take off layers of clothing when temperatures rise and dress for the occasion. Of course, this is not possible for our beloved dogs.

You can ensure your dog does not get overheated with an appropriate haircut and the below dog grooming tips, for the hotter spring and summer months of September – February.

Here are three popular cuts which Dogs Empire recommends for your dog to help them keep cool and look fabulous;

1. The Teddy Bear:

The teddy bear cut keeps length on the face, but the main coat is tidied up and shortened. This style ensures your dog won’t lose it’s ‘look’ or cute identity, but it will be kept cool from the hot Australian sun. A great cut for toy dog breeds like Poodles, Terriers or Spaniels.


2. The Retriever: 

For larger breeds with longer coats, the retriever trims and shaves down your dog’s hair to about 1 to 2 inches from the skin. It’s great for dogs such as Huskies and the Collie dog breed group, which have long, warm coats that are not always suited to hot Australian conditions.

clean cut Siberian Husky

A sharp looking and clean cut Siberian Husky

3. The Mohawk:

Similar to the retriever cut, this unique look leaves a spiky Mohawk on your dog’s head, and / or a Mohawk strip down the length of your dog’s body. Great for giving your male dog some rebellious attitude!

Why not brighten up your dog’s look even further with some colour in their Mohawk too?


Expert Grooming Advice For Summer 

While dog grooming comes at a price, it is often a price worth paying, especially for the warmer spring and hotter summer months in Sydney. Dog’s skin is also sensitive to the sun and they get sunburnt, just like us. Grooming your dog at home can lead to cuts that are too short, which can expose your dog to getting burnt and even skin cancer!

A dog groomer can recommend the right cut for your dog and also knows when to stop trimming. All dogs are different, however all dogs can be exposed to the sun so ensure your furry friend has plenty of water, shade and proper grooming for those hot, sunny days.

Yours in dog grooming,

Dogs Empire






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