Importance of regular dog grooming

Dog grooming is not a luxury for our dogs. In fact, it is a necessity. Dog grooming is not just about giving them fancy haircuts and making them look great. It is also about making them feel comfortable and keeping them clean. Nobody wants to cuddle a smelly dog. By brushing them at home more often or bringing them to dog grooming salons, it helps you to find out health issues, such as skin problems, cuts on the skin, infections or lumps on the body, fleas or ticks.

Treat your dogs hair like your own

Can you imagine having long hair, tangled and matted all over? Then imagine not washing your hair for 6 months. Surely, this would feel awful and uncomfortable. That is exactly how your dog would feel if he/she has matted hair and knots, but all over their body.

Finally, you decide to spend time brushing your dog, it’s too late, because the coat is way too matted. Then, you take your dog to a groomer hoping they can groom out the knots and matting.

Remember, dog groomers are not magicians

If the coat is too matted, there is no way groomers can remove knots without hurting your dog. Imagine if you hairstylist keeps pulling knots out from your hair. It’s painful, your dog feels pain too. With this kind of situation, the best thing for your dog is to clip off the coat completely and start all over again. Don’t blame your groomer for making your dog looked naked and freezing cold! You have left the groomer with no choice but to clip everything off.

If you have a long coated dog, be prepared to spend money and time on grooming. You should take your dog for grooming and brush your dog’s coat regularly. It’s part of the package.

Remember – a healthy coat means a happy dog!


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