Bathing Dogs in Winter

Winter is here, not just us, our dogs can also feel the cold. Some dogs may require a coat or jumper to keep warm. However, our dogs still love to play as per normal. Some may still like to jump into puddles, while some may like to roll on dirt. It is essential to bath our dogs regularly in Winter to keep them clean.

In comparison to warmer weather, bathing dogs in Winter is much harder. The coat takes much longer to dry and the dog can feel the cold with the damp coat. Dogs can get seriously ill with the damp coat in cold weather. There are ways to bath dogs in cold weather. imagesCAR7HUCX

1. If your dog stays outdoor, choose a sunny day to bath your dog and try to bath him/her before noon. So that your dog can stay under the sun to dry the coat and stay warm.Use a super absorbent towel to wipe your dog’s coat as much as possible after bathing.

2. If possible, use blow dryer to dry your dog’s coat. Towel dry your dog as much as possible before using dryer.

3. If your dog has thick coat or long coat, the best option is to take him/her to professional groomers. Professional groomers will use warm water to bathe your dog and blow your dog’s coat so that he/she goes home 100% dry.

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