Hot Spots on Dogs

What are hot spots?

Hot spots are an irritating skin condition that affects many dogs every year. They are also known as summer sores or moist eczema. They occur when your dog scratches or licks him or herself excessively and formed a wet scab on the fur.

What causes hot spots?

Anything that irritates or breaks the skin can form bacterial contamination. Skin irritation can come from food allergies, fleas, mites and the environment such as grass, trees, weeds, dust mites, etc. Even just a little bit of moist or wetness can develop bacteria.
Moist can come from the open wound, excessively licking, recent bath, swim, or recent play in wet area or rain. Consequently, it may lead to skin infection and present an odour. 


How to treat hot spots?

  1. Trim the area around the hot spot with animal clippers. Your dog might be very sensitive to the infected area, as it could be painful. If you are unable to clip your dog’s coat, take your dog to professional groomers or vets.
  2. Clean the infected area with antiseptic spray and use medicated shampoo to bath your dog.
  3. Take your dog to the vet, as your dog will need antibiotics to clear the bacteria and stop the skin irritation. A cream or spray may also be used to stop the itching and promote healing.
  4. Prevent your dog from biting, licking or scratching the hot spot affected area.
  5. Find out the main cause of the skin irritation. If it was from fleas, make sure you vacuum your house, wash your dog’s beddings and put flea treatment on your dog. If your dog lives indoor, it is also a good idea to flea bomb your house as well.


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