Why dogs need exercise?

There are many dog owners complained their dogs have misbehaved at home. They often interpret excessive barking, chewing and digging as bad behaviour. Scolding the dog for the bad behviour is not going to solve the problem or teach them anything anything, as they cannot understand or relate what happened. Lets think from another perspective, why have the dog misbehaved? Ask yourself, how often do you take your dog out to exercise and/or socialise with other dogs? When you take your dog out, how much time do you spend to exercise your dog? Is your dog getting sufficient exercise? In many cases, dogs misbehave because insufficient exercise. There is a saying: ‘A tired dog is often the most well behaved dog.’ It is so true. If the dog is tired, he/she is very unlikely to have the energy to bark, chew, dig or misbehave.

When asking the owner how often they take the dog out for walks or exercise. Some responses are: ‘I’ve got a huge yard, its big enough for him to run and exhaust himself.’ Some will respond: ‘I’ve got two dogs at home, they are keeping each other accompanied.’ So many people believed toys, large backyard and/or second dog as a companion are enough to entertain or exhaust the dog. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Lets ask ourselves, can we stay in a 5 star luxury home with large LED TV, gym, spa and pool everyday without going out at all? The first week might be enjoyable. Eventually we will get bored and becomes restless.

Dogs have so much energy that they need to release it in some way. When they don’t get enough physical exercise, they start barking or being destructive to release their energy. Depends on the breed, most breeds need at least 1 – 1.5 hours of exercise per day. Some working breeds, such as Border Collie, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute may need more exercise than other breeds. Before getting a dog, research about the breed and think carefully whether you can provide the amount of exercise its required. It is not good if you got a Border Collie but you are unable to provide the amount of exercise its needed. As a result, both you and the dog will get frustrated. Besides exercise, dogs will get bored, they need to get out and exposed to the outside environment. Regardless what breed it is, they need to exposure to outside environment, sniff around, meet other dogs, animals and humans, to stimulate their minds.

Most people need to work and have a busy life with tight schedules. Be fair to the dog, it is not their fault that you’re busy with work. There are many good dog owners who are very committed with their dogs. Even if its dark and freezing cold at nights, they’ll still take their dogs out for walks. Some prefer to wake up 1-2 hours earlier in the morning to take their dogs out before going to work. No matter what, these owners will make time for their dogs. Ask yourself, how much you love your dog and how committed are you? If you really cannot afford the time, there are other solutions, dog walkers and doggy daycare. You can hire a dog walker to walk/exercise your dog while you’re at work. Some dog walkers will take up to 3-4 dogs with similar temperament. Your dog gets to exercise and socialise with other dogs. Another solution is taking your dog to doggy daycare. Your dog can spend the day exercising and socialising with other dogs in the daycare centre. When you finish work, you’ll pick up a quiet and tired dog.

There are different solutions to exercise your dog, its your decision to make it happen. Your dog deserves a better and healthier life.


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