Humanising Your Dog

Most dog owners all love their dogs so much and will treat them as one of our family members. They would like to feed their dogs the best food, dress the dogs up in the most fashionable outfits, give them the most cutest bed to sleep, and provide as much as they can to make the dog comfortable. Sometimes, they will even treat their dogs as babies or toddlers. Some dog owners may even baby talk to the dogs as well. Very often, dog owners make the same mistake, raise the dogs like humans, treat them like babies. But is this the correct way to treat a dog? Is the dog happy?

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Dog owners give their dogs unconditional love. They often shower them with affection and baby talk to them with high pitched voice. When we act this way, dogs see us being excited, emotional and weak. That is one of the reasons why some dog owners complain the dog never listens or obeys their commands. Dogs do not respect and follow weak leaders. What dogs really need is a strong, calm and assertive pack leader. A successful pack leader can give the dogs limitations, boundaries and rules.

Treat a dog like a dog

No doubt, owners love their dogs very much, and want to give their dogs the very best. Many dog owners have made the same mistake. They have forgotten to treat their dogs like a dog, hence did not provide what the dog really needs.

Common mistakes

There are a few common mistakes that owners always make. These are:


1. Dogs in carry bags or prams when going out for walks. If the dog is very old, not capable to walk or injured, it is understandable to carry the dog. But if the dog is healthy and fully capable to walk, there is no reason why they need to be carried in bags or sit in prams. Some owners may think it is too tiring for the dog to walk. Some owners reckon the ground is too dirty for the dogs to walk with bare paws. Bear in mind, when you take your dog out for walks, it is time for your dog to exercise, sniff around to explore the environment and interact with other dogs, animals and humans.

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2. Giving your dog attention and/or affection at the wrong time. When the dog is whining, consequently owners will think the dog is crying and immediately try to comfort the dog by giving him/her cuddles, hugs, kisses, etc. This is reinforcing the dog’s bad behaviour. Another example is, giving the dog attention when he/she is excited. When the dog starts jumping all over, it is best to ignore the dog’s excited behaviour. Never ever give the dog attention or affection when he/she is excited, nervous and scared. Only give attention and affection when the dog is calm and relaxed. Otherwise, the dog will learn how to catch your attention and gain affection.

3. Owners are overprotective of their dogs at times. When seeing other dogs coming to greet the dog, some owners are often switched into panic mode and start carrying their dogs away. In most cases, it is the owner who is scared of the dog, concerning about their own dog getting hurting. Again, the dog senses the owner’s weak energy. Dogs need to learn how to socialise and interact with other dogs in the park. When owners are overprotective, dogs never get to play with other dogs and have a real dog’s life. Eventually, the dog becomes timid, nervous and may show aggression when seeing other dogs.

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