Keeping your dog warm in winter

Winter is here, weather is getting colder and colder everyday. We have started to wear more layers of clothes. Our dogs can feel the cold too and not all of them can handle the cold weather very well. Dogs with thicker undercoat such as Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamutes can tolerate the coldness much better than other breeds because of their thick undercoat. Don’t expect a Boston Terrier or Manchester Terrier can handle the cold as good as the Huskies. As they have much thinner coat, it is not enough to keep to warm. You will see them shiver a lot. It is important to keep our dogs warm to prevent respiratory issues. Dogs with arthritis or joint issues, it is crucial to keep them warm to reduce the pain level. ¬†Puppies, elderly or dogs that are not well may also need extra clothes or blankets to keep them warm.

Ways to keep your dog warm:

1. Keep your dog inside during the night.

2. If your dog stays outside, ensure that there’s a kennel or shelter for them to stay warm. Make the kennel or shelter warm and comfortable by putting some blankets, bedding or old clothes in it.

3. Consider to buy a jumper or jacket for your dog to wear when he/she stays outside.

4. Feed them a bit more food. Just like us, we need to burn more energy in winter times to keep our body functioning.

5. Make sure your dog’s bedding, kennel or shelter is dry. They do not enjoy sleeping or staying on a wet bedding in cold days.

If there are any signs of coughing and dry nose, please consult a vet as soon as possible.

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