Dogs Empire cares about the health of your dog. We provide 100% natural, homemade dog treats. We choose our ingredients carefully, ensuring quality and freshness. Out treats contain; NO preservatives, NO artificial colourings, NO artificial flavours.

Our Treats

  • Cookies
    Dogs Empire’s cookies are freshly baked at home. There are no artificial colourings or flavours. Our recipes are proven by vets. We use...
  • Lamb liver
    Tasty dried lamb liver that most dogs love. Our dried lamb livers are thinly cut into slices. Then put into dehydrator for 8...
  • Beef liver
    Dried beef liver...
  • Dried chicken
    We have considered the health of your dogs. We do not hope that your dog to become chubby after eating our tasty treats....
  • Dried mussels
    Green lipped mussels contain omega 3, EPA, DHA, protein and low fat. Dried green lipped mussels are great for skin and coat. It...