Dogs in Danger During Easter

Easter is coming. Easter baskets are filled up with colourful chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies. We may enjoy the food while our four legged friend might be in danger.

Chocolate toxicity can serious damage to the nervous system. Additionally, it can increase blood pressure, nausea, vomiting and even death. Although dogs have the highest risk of chocolate toxicity, it can also cause serious symptoms on cats. Chocolate wrappings and foils are also harmful as the animal could choke.Dog-Easter-Eggs-Photos

How to prevent:

– Store the chocolate in a safe area where your dog cannot reach.

– If there are children at home, educate them not to give the dog any chocolates.

– Make sure the chocolate wrappings and foils are out of your pet’s reach.

– The bin is pet proof that your pet cannot easily pick up scraps or wrappings from the bin.

Signs of chocolate toxicosis:

– Vomitting

– Diarrhoea

– Excessive urination

– Increased thirst

– Hyperactive

– Seizure

– Coma

If your pet ate chocolate or if you know noticed any of the chocolate toxicosis symptoms, bring your pet to your local or closest veterinarian immediately.

Chocolate substitute for dogsSweetChops-Terrier-Tarts5-848x1000

Carob is a great chocolate substitute for dogs. When compared to chocolate, carob does not contain theobromine, therefore it is not harmful to dogs. There are lots of dog treats that are made from carobs, such as carob brownies, carob tarts, carob crackles, carob drops, carob donuts and carob peanut butter cups.

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